Australia's First Church Service

on Sunday 3rd February 1788, the first Christian church service was held in Sydney

The first church built in Australia was also the first christian school built in Australia.

Rev Richard Johnson was Australia's first missionary, bible teacher, and pastor

arriving on the first fleet in 1788.


Sunday 3 February 2013 marked the 225th anniversary of the first Australian church service

.the  full transcript of the sermon marking the 225th anniversary, by Archbishop Jensen

     can be read on this link.

Hymns and Praise

Shine, Jesus Shine....

"Fill this land with the Father's glory.

Amazing Grace

Eternal Father Naval Hymn

for those who travel by sea

Australia is indeed an island contenant

the following songs reflect our view

of the world

for Australia is the most isolated nation

here at the ends of the earth.

I still call Australia Home

National Anthem of STRAYA

(to the tune of Hey Ya)

God bless Australia

Song of Australia

Great Southern Land

This is Australia

   Into this land

the Church of Jesus Christ

is commanded to

"Go therefore

and make disciples of all nations

baptizing them..

and teaching them

to obey everything
I have  commanded you."

  Matthew 28 verse 18 to 20


Psalm 116:12




: “What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me?”

 Psalm 116 verse 12


I will receive the cup of salvation : and call upon the Name of the Lord.
I will pay my vows now in the presence of all his people...

                                                 (see Psalm 116: 11-13)